For some years the Trustees for the Australian Wool Education Trust have held annual meetings with representatives of a number of Fashion Schools from all over Australia.

The purpose of these meetings is to develop programs whereby the Trust could assist the students develop a better understanding of the characteristics and advantages of wool.

Fabric Swatches

One of the first projects was the development of a set of swatches of wool fabrics for distribution to the Fashion Schools. The selection, assembling and distribution of these swatches was managed by RMIT with assistance by AWI and funded by the Trust.

The Trust continues to provide funds for the addition of new samples to these swatches as new and innovative fabrics become available.

Student Grants

In 2015 the  Trust decided to fund a pilot project whereby it provided a number grants to selected Fashion Design Students.

Initially 25 grants were provided for 2016, allocated to RMIT, Whitehouse Design, UTS, QUT, TAFE SA and Curtin University.

For the pilot project the criteria for administering and directing the grants were:

  • AWET supported a fixed number of grants for Fashion Design Institute students to a maximum cost of $50,000 per annum.
  • The grants were available to final year students from 3 and/or 4-year Degrees.
  • The quantum was be fixed at $1,500 for a final year student in a 3-year degree and $2,000 for a final year student in a 4-year degree.
  • The grants were intended to assist successful candidates in sourcing and purchasing wool fabric for inclusion in their final year looks/outfits/ranges.
  • Each grant is contingent on having 80% wool content in the base fabric.
  • AWET decided how many grants were available for each Institute, using enrolment numbers as a basis.
  • Each Institute wasl be responsible for advertising the grants and selecting candidates, based on the following criteria:
    • academic achievement or other related performance measures used by the institute;
    • commitment to producing a final year range incorporating the minimum percentage of wool required, with other fibres able to be used in conjunction with the wool component, within garments and/or in separate garments; and
    • the names and contact details being sent to AWET, as soon as possible after selection of successful candidates.
  • Once completed, each Institute arranged for AWET to receive a digitised version of their students’ designs/story boards, together with a description of the selected fabrics, plus an invoice for the total grants awarded.
  • AWET forwarded the funds to each Institute for distribution to their candidates.
  • Upon completion of their looks/outfits, students sent digital images to AWET for publication on AWET’s website and shared with AWI.

The grants were allocated to the pilot project participants as follow:

RMITBachelor of Fashion (Design & Technology)4$6000
Bachelor of Fashion (Design) (Hons)4$8000
Whitehouse Design – MelbourneBachelor of Design3$4500
Whitehouse Design – SydneyBachelor of Design3$4500
UTSBA Hons Fashion and Textile Design4$8000
QUTBachelor of Design2$3000
TAFE SABachelor of Fashion Design3$4500
CurtinBachelor or Arts (Fashion)2$3000


The students provided AWET with digital images of their designs. The following links will display a video of the fashion parades for two students from Whitehouse Design – Sydney.

View presentation of Tam Ly’s designs

View presentation of Daniel Jeon’s designs

Follow these links to view the designs created by students receiving AWET Grants:



Whitehouse Design Melbourne

Whitehouse Design Sydney

Curtin University WA

Future of the Pilot Program

The outcomes of the program were reviewed in February 2017 and the Trustees decided to continue the program for 2017.