Australia is the global leader in wool science and innovation and continues to lead the world with its research and development aimed at enhancing the strength of the global wool demand. The focus of this course will be on the development of leading edge products for global markets, as well as innovative practices and processes to improve productivity and efficiency amongst wool producers and processors.

This course provided participants with an increased understanding of innovation and its importance to commercial success. It will introduce many recent innovations suitable for industry adoption and outline the development and commercialization of current and future wool based innovations that capitalise on the properties of Australian wool fibre.


Dr Geoff Naylor, CSIROIntroduction to InnovationPresentationNotes
Dr Tony Pierlot, CSIROLightweight wool
structure and properties
Dr Geoff Naylor, CSIROWool the Technical FibrePresentationNotes
Fibre of the GodsMovie
Dr Geoff Naylor, CSIROComfortable Next-to-Skin WoolPresentationNotes
Dr David Phillips, CSIROWool Fibre Modification – OPTIM and its Product OpportunitiesPresentationNotes
Mr Martin Prins, CSIRODevelopment of SOLOSPUNPresentationNotes
Dr Rex Brady, Deakin UniversityInnovation in the Coloration of WoolPresentationNotes
Dr Cathryn Lee, AWIInnovation in the Coloration of WoolPresentation
Mr Martin Prins, CSIROIntroduction to YARNSPECPresentationNotes
Innovations in Spinning TechnologyPresentation
Mr Gary RobinsonExciting new spinning technologiesPresentationNotes
Mr Laurie Staynes, CSIROEngineering the Performance of Wool Knitwear for Softness and Appearance RetentionPresentationNotes
Mr Jimmy Jackson, AWIAWI Wool Knitwear Product InnovationsPresentation
Dr Peter Cookson, Deakin UniversityNanotechnology and TextilesPresentationNotes
Dr Niall Finn, CSIROWool in Non-WovensPresentationNotes
Dr Allan De BoosFAST – for Wool Fabric Design and FinishingPresentationNotes
Dr Tony Pierlot , CSIROThe Total Easy Care Wool Suit and Producing Lighterweight Wool GarmentsPresentationNotes
Dr Allan De BoosAWI Woven Fabric InnovationsPresentation
Mr Mark Brooks (AWI)Wool in SportswearPresentation
Dr Barry Harrowfield, CSIROInnovation in the Auto IndustryPresentationNotes
Mr Martin Prins, CSIROPreparing the MindPresentationNotes
Dr Ian Russell, CSIROWool in an Ecologically Aware WorldPresentationNotes
Dr Nigel Johnson, CSIROCSIRO’s View of the Future for Wool InnovationPresentationNotes
Mr Tony TurkInnovation in PracticePresentationNotes