School To Industry Links National Pack

This resource is designed to be used by teachers and project officers for both planning new activities and using these classroom activities in their schools. It is intended to:

  • Generate in students and teachers a practical interest in science and demonstrate the relevance of science to the sheep and wool industry;
  • Enhance awareness of the sheep and wool industry to students from Years 7 through to 12;
  • Encourage teachers to include content relevant to the science of the sheep and wool industry in their teaching;
  • Provide some ready-to-use resources for teachers offering content, tasks, skill builders and learning sequences;
  • Provide teachers with a thorough understanding of the sheep industry and the sciences involved through Professional Development sessions; and
  • Encourage students to pursue tertiary science studies pertaining to the sheep and wool industry and for them to consider careers in that industry.

Internal Parasite Control in Sheep

This resource has been developed to assist wool and sheep growers to monitor and manage worm populations of your sheep flock to improve production levels. This is achieved through providing training in:

  • The monitoring of worm populations using worm egg counts to detect infestations early.
  • Becoming competent at conducting a worm egg count test and interpreting the results.
  • Regular drench resistance tests to determine which drenches are effective on the property.
  • The use of WormBoss to aid decision making.

Merino Sheep Breeding Training Guide

This resource has been developed to allow vocational and education trainers (primarily in the TAFE, Agricultural College and School systems) to deliver up to date knowledge and skills in the area of Merino breeding to their students.

Careers Information Toolkit

This resource was developed to be used by Secondary Teachers and Careers Advisors to place information about careers in the Sheep and Wool Industry before students interested in developing a career in the industry. As well as providing information the resource also provides activities to be undertaken by the students so that they can learn more about the careers available.