This resource has been developed to allow vocational and education trainers to deliver to their students knowledge and skills in the area of internal parasite control in sheep and in particular monitoring and managing worm populations of sheep flocks.

The resource consists of the following documents:

Internal Parasite Control Training Guide

The Trainer Guide is designed to be used in conjunction with the reference manual and powerpoint presentation also developed by the Sheep CRC on this topic.

Click here to download the Guide

This guide has been designed to meet the following national competencies:

  • RTE 3115A Implement livestock husbandry practices
  • RTE 3402A Implement animal health control programs
  • RTE 3712A Administer medication to livestock
  • RTE 4119A Supervise animal health programs.

This trainer guide is structured to cover for each module:

  • training outline including resources, purpose and a suggested approach;
  • practical exercises including resources, purpose, instructions for trainers and student worksheets;
  • short answer questions that include both a worksheet for students and the answers for trainers; and
  • assessment sheets.

The training is designed to be run with students over a one day period.


Reference Manual

PowerPoint Presentation – Internal Parasite Control