This course was designed to introduce designers, merchandisers, and retailers to the Australian wool fibre, its unique characteristics and applications. It provided participants with an understanding of the processing route from fibre to fabric; 21st century advanced manufacturing methodologies and high tech innovations. Also included was a tour of CSIRO’s extensive processing facilities providing a comprehensive understanding of the manufacturing processes involved in converting raw wool fibre to luxurious garments for the global market.

Participants also had an option to participate in day of practical designing and leading edge software applications at RMIT University’s CAD design and sampling studio at its School of Fashion and Textiles in Melbourne.

Mr Barry White, IFC History of Australian Wool & The Textile decision-making cycle Presentation Notes
 Wool Facts Notes
Ms Sue Scott, RMIT University Textile Fibres – an overview Presentation Notes
Dr Geoff Naylor, CSIRO The Wool Fibre – Its Structure, Characteristics & Applications Presentation Notes
Mr Gary Robertson, AWI AWI Merino Innovations Presentation Notes
Mr Gary Robertson, AWI Wool Processing: Fibre to Fabric Presentation Notes
Mr David Tester, Macquarie Textiles Colouration & Finishing for Designers & Retailers Presentation Notes
Mr Mac Fergusson Textile Colouration Presentation
Mr Dale Carroll, CSIRO Textile quality management Presentation Notes