METR-100 Introduction to Wool Metrology
The subject of Wool Metrology covers all aspects of wool measurement or metrology and its effect on the marketing of Australian wool. It introduces the concept of objective measurement and explains in detail the procedures and measurements involved to objectively specify the Australian clip. The value of measurement to the industry is outlined. This subject is closely linked to the subjects Wool Technology and Wool Marketing and should supplement many topics introduced in the Wool Production subject.
Background information about the development of wool metrology is given, as well as a brief overview of wool technology concepts and the processes involved in worsted and woollen manufacture so that the role of metrology in the wool industry is better understood.

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METR-100-100 The Context of Wool Metrology
This topic examines the role of wool metrology in the context of the technology of worsted and woollen manufacturing.
METR-100-100-100 Wool Metrology & Technology in Context
This module places wool technology and wool metrology in an industry context. This module is designed to introduce wool technology. The differing processes of worsted and woollen manufacture are outlined, and an overview is given of the different products of these processes. An understanding of the context of wool metrology is then possible, with some knowledge of wool technology established.
METR-100-200 The History of Wool Metrology
The history of the development of wool metrology during the last 25 years is dealt with.
METR-100-200-100 The Development of Raw Wool Metrology
This module is designed to give some background into the impetus for the extensive development of raw wool metrology (measurement) in the wool industry during the last 25 years. Raw wool is a complex mix of different characteristics (types, specifications). Some of these characteristics can be measured accurately and precisely (i.e. specified). The marketing of specified wool is much less costly than unspecified wool, and the evaluation of specified wool is much less reliant on experience.