TECH-100 Introduction to Wool Technology
Wool Technology links production and metrology to processing. An overview of processing systems, Worsted and Woollen, is presented. The early stage processing of wool and the spinning process to yarn are covered in much detail with the principles, processes and machinery explained and examined. The utilisation of wool fibre in the world-wide textile industry is presented, including the development of new products, and other textile fibres that compete with wool are described. Fibre properties and their impact on processing and final products are also covered.
It is important to consider wool as a fibre, both in the context of processing and its various uses. The important properties of wool fibres are described in relation to other fibres in the global apparel market. Australian wools are processed on either of two wool processing systems, worsted or woollen. These systems are compared and the processes involved in the woollen system of manufacture are explained in more detail. Worsted processing, its principles and processes are dealt with in much greater detail in the “Early Stage Processing” theme.

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TECH-100-100 Wool Fibre and the Textile Industry
The utilisation of wool fibre in the world-wide textile industry is presented here. The impetus for the use of the wool fibre as opposed to other textile fibres is explained. A table addressing the advantages and disadvantages of the wool fibre in relation to other fibres is contained.
TECH-100-100-100 Wool: the fibre
This module examines how fibres are classified and how they are produced. It also examines some wool fibre properties in comparison to competing fibres. The differing requirements of fibre users along the processing chain are examined.
TECH-100-200 Wool Processing
Australian wool is processed on either of two processing systems, worsted or woollen. The differences in these systems is addressed and a more detailed explanation of the Woollen system of yarn manufacture is contained. The worsted system of manufacture and the processes involved are examined in much more detail in the theme “Early Stage Processing”.
TECH-100-200-100 Comparison of processing systems
On completion of this module the reader will have an understanding of the differences in the worsted and woollen processing systems, the raw materials which go into each system and the final products produced.
TECH-100-200-200 Processing on the Woollen system
This module explains the steps involved in the processing of wool through the Woollen system of yarn manufacture.
TECH-100-200-300 Carbonising
This module gives a brief overview of the carbonising process and highlights some aspects of the process that require careful management due to their effect on fibre strength and colour.