METR-600 Processing Prediction & Quality Control
The subject of Wool Metrology covers all aspects of wool measurement or metrology and its effect on the marketing of Australian wool. It introduces the concept of objective measurement and explains in detail the procedures and measurements involved to objectively specify the Australian clip. The value of measurement to the industry is outlined. This subject is closely linked to the subjects Wool Technology and Wool Marketing and should supplement many topics introduced in the Wool Production subject.
The two topics “Processing Prediction” and “Product Control” found in this theme aim to give the reader a better understanding of the uses of specification and measurement in the wool processing industry. The concepts of processing prediction are outlined and assessed, and testing methods used for product control are examined.

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METR-600-100 Processing Prediction
This topic introduces and demonstrates the application of multiple linear regression in processing prediction. The Trial Evaluating Additional Measurement (TEAM) project is discussed and explained, as are new developments in processing prediction.
METR-600-100-050 Using multiple regression analysis in processing prediction
This module uses some specific results from sale lot processing to demonstrate the application of multiple linear regression analysis to the derivation of formulae whereby the processed fibre length (Actual Hauteur) is predicted from the raw wool properties of the sale lots.
METR-600-100-100 The processing performance of raw wool: Introduction to prediction
This module introduces the concept of processing prediction. The formulas developed from the Trials Evaluating Additional Measurement (TEAM) project are discussed and explained. The recommendations arising from the TEAM project are also discussed. It is recommended that an understanding of regression analysis is gained before using this module, see the module, “Using regression analysis in processing prediction”. The understanding of Hauteur and its measurement is also recommended, see the module, “The Measurement of Hauteur and CVH”.
METR-600-100-200 Latest development in prediction
This module examines developments in processing prediction after the adoption of the TEAM formula into the commercial environment. The adoption of TEAM by industry is assessed. The development of sale lot processing prediction formulae and the accuracy of the resulting predictions are discussed.
Reference TEAM Reports (courtesy of AWTA Ltd)
METR-600-200 Product Control
Product testing to monitor quality and uniformity is a common practice in industry. This topic covers information on some of the tests performed on top, yarn and fabrics.
METR-600-200-100 Top Testing
This module covers information about some of the tests performed on tops to ensure they conform to customer’s specifications. Spinners’ specifications vary, and only a selection of these tests may be necessary to fulfil the orders. Some tests have been covered in other modules, such as “Hauteur”, “Evenness” and “Regain”.
METR-600-200-200 Yarn & Fabric Testing
There are many tests performed on yarns. This module covers those tests considered important to the understanding of the other modules used in this curriculum. Standards that are specifically used for wool fabrics are also listed.