TECH-400 Final Products and Fibre Properties
Wool Technology links production and metrology to processing. An overview of processing systems, Worsted and Woollen, is presented. The early stage processing of wool and the spinning process to yarn are covered in much detail with the principles, processes and machinery explained and examined. The utilisation of wool fibre in the world-wide textile industry is presented, including the development of new products, and other textile fibres that compete with wool are described. Fibre properties and their impact on processing and final products are also covered.
The relationship between fibre properties and final products is the subject of this topic which compares the wool fibre with some competing fibres. Exciting new developments in wool technology which have led to the development of new products are also examined.

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TECH-400-100 Final Products
Modules in this topic examine the properties of the wool fibre in relation to other competing fibres and look at the influence of fibre properties on the performance and appeal of consumer apparel products.
TECH-400-100-100 Competing Fibres
This module examines the wool fibre against some competing fibres, and also looks at developments in fibre technology. “Shingosen” fibres from Japan are used as an example of a very recent development. See module Competing fibres ”Shingosen”.
TECH-400-100-200 Fibre Properties and Final Products
This module examines the influence of fibre properties on the performance and appeal of consumer products. The content is mainly confined to apparel wool products, since this is the major market for Australian wool. However, some discussion of woollen products (Australian wool is a raw material) and carpet yarns is included.
TECH-400-200 New Product Developments
New wool technology advancements which have allowed the development of new wool products are outlined.
TECH-400-200-100 A Fabric for the Future
A new fabric has been developed utilising the outstanding moisture absorbing properties of wool next-to-skin, and the functionality of polyester fibres in a continuous bi-component knitted fabric designed for the sportswear / activewear market.
TECH-400-200-200 Modified Wool Fibre Technology (Optim fibre)
This module examines an exciting new development in wool technology. This is the ability to modify wool at the fibre level using OPTIMTM technology. A Collaborative Project between CSIRO Textile & Fibre Technology & The WoolMark Company.