The Executive Committee included the CRC Director (Chair), the Program Managers, the Business Manager and three independent members representing different sectors of the wool industry. The Executive Committee met six times a year and its role was to advise the Director on matters relating to the management and operation of the CRC. The independent members of the Executive Committee were appointed for a four-year term.

Dr Lionel Ward (Chair)
CRC Director
Professor George Rogers
Sheep Transgenesis Program
Dr Norm Adams
Wool Strength Program
Mr David Peterson
CRC Business Manager
Mr Hugh Sutherland
Wool producer
Professor Phil Hynd
Manager, Education Program
Dr Peter Turner
Joint Manager
Fibre Structure and Follicle Function Program
Dr Ian Purvis
Genetic Technologies Program
Dr Bruce Wicking
Managing Director
AusWool Direct Pty Ltd
Mr Bob Quirk
Executive Director
Australian Council of Wool Exporters