This course provides an understanding of the Australian wool industry; its history, production profile, markets and market trends and transformation of the fibre from sheep’s back to final product. It also presents a unique opportunity to understand how decisions affecting the purchasing, processing and marketing of wool products are communicated up and down the pipeline from retail to the wool producer.

Included were visits to view shearing, broker’s operations, testing, auction selling as well as manufacturing processes.

This course is a valuable pre-requisite for those intending to undertake any of the following 5 courses.

Mr Chris Wilcox Woolmark CompanyAustralian Wool Market ReviewPresentation

Mr Barry White, IFC Australian Wool Industry Overview Presentation Notes
Milestones Notes
Profile of Australian wool clip Notes
The Australian wool pipeline Notes
Organisations in the Australian wool industry Notes
Dr Geoff Naylor, CSIRO The Wool Fibre & Applications Presentation Notes
Mr Gary Robinson, AWI Wool Processing
Fibre to Fabric Presentation Notes
Innovations in Wool Presentation Notes
Mr Tim Steere, AWTA Wool Testing and Certification Presentation Notes
Dr. Kerry Hansford, AWEX Contemporary issues in the Australian wool industry – quality, clip preparation, contamination. AWEX’s role Presentation
Mr Barry White, IFC Decision Making in the Textile Pipeline Presentation Notes
Mr Geoff Fisken, (Lal Lal Estate) The Role of the Woolgrower Presentation
Mr Don McWhirter (MacWool) The Role of the Woolbuyer Presentation
Mr Michael Blake (BWK Elders) The Role of the Topmaker Presentation
Mr Gary Robinson, AWI The Role of the Spinner Presentation
Mr David Alexander, (Australian Country Spinners) The Role of the Fabric Manufacturer/Knitter Presentation
Mr Frank Kisvarda (ex Sportscraft) The Role of the Garment Maker Presentation Notes
Mr Andrew Reich What the Consumer Looks For – the Role of the Retailer Notes