About the National Pack

This folder is the result of a collaborative project designed, managed and part funded by the School of Agricultural Science at the University of Tasmania. Sponsored by the Sheep Cooperative Research Centre (Sheep CRC), Australian Wool Innovations (AWI), Australian Wool Education Trust (AWET),and the Department of Transport and Regional Services (DOTARS)  the project involved eight regional teams of teachers and science project officers from six states working together to implement an educational event related to the topic  “The Science Behind the Sheep Industry”.

The aims of the project are;

  • To generate in students and teachers a practical interest in science and demonstrate the relevance of science to the sheep and wool industry.
  • To enhance awareness of the sheep and wool industry to students from Years 7 through to 12.
  • To encourage teachers to include content relevant to the science of the sheep and wool industry in their teaching.
  • To provide some ready-to-use resources for teachers offering content, tasks, skill builders and learning sequences.
  • To provide teachers with a thorough understanding of the sheep industry and the sciences involved through Professional Development sessions.
  • To encourage students to pursue tertiary science studies pertaining to the sheep and wool industry and for them to consider careers in that industry.

How to Use the National Pack

The folder is designed to be used by teachers and project officers for both planning new activities and using these classroom activities in their schools. The National Pack is divided into the following sections:

  • The Final Report for the funding bodies

    This is a summary of the ‘Schools to Industry Links’ Project 4.3 designed and managed by the School of Agricultural Science during 2005–06 (Executive Summary – Final Report).

  • Curriculum Links between States

    The projects have all been developed to fulfil the requirements of each state’s curriculum framework, but their aims are broad enough to be used nationally. The projects are mainly aimed at the middle to upper secondary level and can be adapted for different state curricula, as illustrated by this section. This provides general advice, for more specific information see the relevant web sites listed (Curriculum Links between States).

  • State Projects

    These educational projects are related to the Science behind the Sheep and Wool Industry. Each project section includes a project summary with photos to illustrate the event, details of the submission for the project, curriculum links to other state curricula, teacher and/or student activity and a powerpoint report on the events which have been implemented within the duration of the project.
    State Projects

  • ‘Science Adventures with Igor’ CD-ROM

    This is a CD-ROM developed and funded by DOTARS and the School of Agricultural Science, University of Tasmania. It includes information and activities on the scientific inquiry process, the dairy industry and the sheep and wool industry.
    Science Adventures with Igor