The Trust has supported one post doctoral teaching fellowship each year.

The intention of this scholarship is to encourage applicants to engage in a one year fellowship project, at a sponsoring University, directed at developing an educational outcome. A research project can be part of the fellowship provided it yields an educational outcome.

The scholarship has been in effect since 2007. The educational outcome requirement was initiated from 2008.

From 2011 awarding of this scholarship has been on a case by case basis.


Awarded Candidate University Project Details
2007 Angus Campbell Melbourne University
  • Further Analysis of Dr Campbell’s Time of Shearing experiment, assessing the effect of shearing time on wool production and quality.
  • Direct extension of this information to farmers and other relevant sections of the wool industry.
  • Extended epidemiological analyses of risk factors for weaner sheep mortality and the development of these results into on-farm tools to improve sheep survival.
  • Delivery of lectures to undergraduate and farmer groups on shearing time, wool quality and flock health.
2008 Susan Robertson Charles Sturt University Susan had been engaged in the “Evergraze” Project. This funding allowed her to complete the project. Susan was involved in delivering lectures to undergraduate students throughout the project
2009 Nick Rolls Melbourne University Nick was appointed as a lecturer, associated with the McKinnon project. This scholarship provided about half his salary for 2010.His work program included:

  • Development of wool modules for the new “Melbourne Model” undergraduate course.
  • Working with a team to establish a new “Vetinerary Bioscience” major within the BSc Course.
  • Delivering lectures and practicals on wool production within the existing undergraduate courses.
  • Delivering “Lifetime Ewe” courses throughout rural Victoria.
  • Developing and delivering workshops aimed at the next generation of wool producers.’Edit the McKinnon Project Newsletter.
  • Undertaking one on one consultancies with wool growers.
  • Participating in wool related research undertaken by the McKinnon Project.
  • Thesis Summary Report
 2011  Rachelle Hergenhan University of New England During 2009, UNE advised the Trust that it would no longer deliver ANPR420. In reviewing the content of the units, it was noted that there was significant duplication of material within ANPR420 and WOOL412. Consequently, Trustees decided to merge both units and, during 2011, a Teaching Fellowship ($46,000 p.a.) was awarded to UNE for this project. This enabled UNE to negotiate additional funding of $50,000 from MLA to broaden the scope of the unit.

A teaching fellow, Dr Rachelle Hergenhan was appointed for one (1) year at UNE, with specific aims:

  • to integrate Sheep Meat Production and Marketing material (ANPR420/520) into existing Sheep/Wool units offered at UNE; and
  • to facilitate the conversion of WOOL412 from external only to internal/external mode, with development of associated tutorial and practical class material making use of the dedicated sheep teaching flock at UNE.

This project was finalised in 2012 and the courses based on WOOL412 are now available.