Curtin University offers a Fashion Design Major, taught by its School of Design and the Built Environment.

The School is a recipient of two grants from AWET. Samples of the designs of grant recipients are displayed in the Galleries (see explore this section).

The Fashion Design major appeals to creative, motivated people with a keen interest in fashion and a passion for contemporary design.

In this major, students focus on the relationship between garment and body, using a theoretical and contextual framework for understanding national and international trends and the cultural significance and practice of fashion design.

They learn the principles of design and creative studio practice, and develop skills in fabric manipulation and construction, design, pattern making, styling and fashion illustration.

This major encourages them to take an innovative approach to design, achieve technical competence and gain industry experience. They will acquire skills, knowledge and contacts to prepare them for a range of career opportunities within the fashion industry.

For more information: Curtin University Fashion Design Major