About RamSelect

The Sheep CRC’s RamSelect app won a 2016 Innovation Award from the Cooperative Research Centres Association – here lu Hogan explains why!

What Does it do?

First released in 2015 by the Sheep CRC, RamSelect is a web-based tool which allows ram buyers to find and rank rams based on Australian sheep breeding values (ASBVs) that match their own breeding objective.

Commercial producers who purchase a DNA flock profile test through Neogen will have their results reported through RamSelect and will receive 12 months free access to a RamSelect user account to assist with selecting rams based on the test results.

A user account also makes it easy to keep track of the genetic merit of rams purchased each year and genetic improvement in your flock over time. User accounts also have the added benefit of automated updates of ASBVs on all rams so that it is easy to review and manage the ram team when planning for the next ram sales.


RamSelect is available in two variants.

Commercial Use of RamSelect

Woolgrowers and sheepbreeders can access the application as a tool via the internet. RamSelect is designed to simplify the use of Australian Sheep Breeding Values (ASBVs) to identify the right genetics for producers’ flocks using data from Sheep Genetics—MERINOSELECT, LAMBPLAN and DOHNE. RamSelect quickly searches all rams listed for sale and selects those that align with their specific breeding objectives.

Educational use of RamSelect

Academics and students can access RamSelect for training/educational purposes. This version is supported by AWET, and for students it is available free of charge for 12 months. The site provides educational material to support teachers and students in their use of the application.