Corporate Objectives 1998/99

Directorate objectives 1998/99

Year 5 Review


The Fifth Year Review of the Wool CRC was conducted in two stages. Stage 1 was a scientific and technical review of the Centre, conducted 27-30 July 1998 at Adelaide University’s Waite Campus and Turretfield Research Station in South Australia, and at CSIRO Wool Technology (now Textile and Fibre Technology), Geelong, Victoria. The panel comprised Professor Malcolm Nairn (Chair), member of the Wool CRC2 Committee and former Dean of the Veterinary School at Murdoch University in Western Australia; Professor Adrian Egan, chair in Agriculture at the University of Melbourne; Professor Dorian Garrick, Animal Breeding and Genetics at Massey University, New Zealand; and Dr Rainer Hoffman, Technical Director for Bremen Woll-Kammereir (BWK) in Bremen, Germany. The Centre’s Visitor, Dr John Vercoe attended as a resource for the panel.

Stage 2 was undertaken 17-18 September 1998 at the Waite Campus by a panel comprising Professor John Coghlan (Chair); Mr John Yenken; Mr Rod Thirkell-Johnston, President, Wool Council of Australia. The CRC Secretariat, represented by Ms Michelle Leggo and Mr Tony Hill, provided administrative support. Dr John Vercoe was a resource for the panel for Day 1.

“The review panel was firmly of the view that the overall objectives of a cooperative research centre have been successfully met in that there is evidence that there is good collaboration between participating research institutions, universities and industry. Strong commitment was evident among the researchers and generally program, sub-program and project objectives were being met. The significance of interdisciplinary

Directorate objectives 1998/99teamwork was noteworthy. There was a reasonable degree of postgraduate involvement although not uniform across the programs. In some cases extension activities were apparent. There is strong evidence of collaboration that would not have occurred without the presence of the CRC.The review panel recognises the particular value of the Wool CRC in establishing and linking a single research ‘pipeline’ covering the full range of activities from farm production, through harvesting and processing. The presence of the CRC acted as a major catalyst in linking together researchers in these otherwise disparate disciplines and groups. It is unlikely that this coverage would have been achieved without the establishment of the CRC. Many beneficial associations are likely to outlast the life of the present CRC.”

(Overview from 5th Year Review Panel’s report)

Top: Year 5 Review Panel members
John Coghlan (l) and John Vercoe (r)
Middle: The Year 5 Review Panel
(Stage 2) in session
Bottom: Rod Thirkell-Johnston (l)
and John Yenken (r)