Summary of Available Resources

Woolwise is a repository of a range of educational resources, including:
  • Resources developed by the CRC for Premium Quality Wool from 1993 to 2000;
  • Resources developed by the Sheep Industry CRC from 2000 to 2007;
  • Resource material developed by other institutions using funding provided by the Australian Wool Education Trust;
  • Resource material developed by the Australian Wool Textile Training Centre;
  • Links to materials prepared and held by Australian Wool Innovation;
  • Links to materials prepared and held by the Australian Wool Testing Authority Ltd; and
  • Links to on-line journals and/or collections
  • Multi-media Resources
  • Links to Miscellaneous Publications
  • Links Wool and Sheep sites
  • Other links provided by viewers of the site.

CRC for Premium Quality Wool

These materials, developed through the educational program implemented by the CRC for Premium Quality Wool, consist of powerpoint presentations used in the distance learning courses delivered during the operation of the CRC by the core-party tertiary institutions. Each presentation includes brief notes to describe the contents of each slide. The areas covered include:
  • Wool Biology;
  • Wool Production;
  • Wool Technology;
  • Wool Metrology; and
  • Wool Marketing.

Sheep CRC Modules

These materials, developed by the Sheep Industry CRC, include:

Tertiary Education Modules

This resource is a set of comprehensive lecture notes for courses delivered by the University of New England under licence from AWET. References, activities, assignments and multimedia presentations are also included for a significant number of the available topics. Specific restrictions apply to the use of the materials. The materials cover:
  • Commercial Management of the Sheep Enterprise;
  • Sheepmeat Production and Marketing;
  • Applied Animal Nutrition;
  • Genetic Evaluation and Breeding Program Design;
  • Meat Technology;
  • Sustainable Land Management;
  • Sheep Production;
  • Wool Marketing and Clip Preparation;
  • Wool Biology and Meeasurement; and
  • Wool Processing.

Vocational Education & Training Resources

School To Industry Links National Pack
This resource is designed to be used by teachers and project officers for both planning new activities and using these classroom activities in their schools.
Internal Parasite Control in Sheep
This resource has been developed to assist wool and sheep growers to monitor and manage worm populations of your sheep flock to improve production levels.
Merino Sheep Breeding Training Guide
This resource has been developed to allow vocational and education trainers (primarily in the TAFE, Agricultural College and School systems) to deliver up to date knowledge and skills in the area of Merino breeding to their students.
Careers Information Toolkit
This resource was developed to be used by Secondary Teachers and Careers Advisors to place information about careers in the Sheep and Wool Industry before students interested in developing a career in the industry. As well as providing information the resource also provides activities to be undertaken by the students so that they can learn more about the careers available.

AWET Resource Materials

AWET Resource Materials AWET provides funds to institutions and individuals for specified educational projects. Where appropriate the output from these projects can be downloaded directly from the site. Copyright These materials has been reproduced and communicated by or on behalf of the Australian Wool Education Trust pursuant to Part VB of the Copyright Act 1968 (the Act). The materials on Woolwise may be subject to copyright under the Act. Any further reproduction or communication of this material by you, other than specified in the relevant documentation, may be the subject of copyright protection under the Act.

Wool Industry Educational Resources

On-line Scientific and Technical Resources

There are two on-line repositories of scientific and other technical papers focused on wool and sheep: The LIVESTOCK LIBRARY The JOURNAL OF WOOL TECHNOLOGY AND SHEEP BREEDING

AWI On-line Educational Resources

Australian Wool Innovation has created additional on-line learning services: LEARN ABOUT WOOL WOOL INTRODUCTORY COURSE WOOL APPRECIATION COURSE

AWTA Ltd Resources

The Australian Wool Testing Authority is the largest wool testing company in the world. BROCHURES AND HANDBOOKS FACT SHEETS RESEARCH PAPERS GLOSSARY OF TERMS

Multimedia Resources

Links of interest