Terms of Use of AWET Logos

You must use the The Trust’s Logo(s) (you may use any of the logos supplied on this page) OR the words “Australian Wool Education Trust ” for a link to selected page(s) of www.woolwise.com. Alternatively you may use the title of the document(s) or page(s) to which you are linking provided the The Trust’s website is identified as the source.

The logo(s) must not be used (in whole or in part) for any other purpose without our express permission and, in particular, you must not use the logo on a feature or design of, or incorporate it in whole or in part in, any other logo, icon or graphic. You must not use any other trade mark, logo icon, text or artwork as, or as part of, your link to www.woolwise.com.

The logo(s) must be used only in the form (shape and colour) in which it is provided. You may resize the logo(s) to maintain consistency with other graphics on the referring page provided it is still readable, but you may not redraw, distort, animate or tamper with the logo in any way. Contact us if you require further explanation or usage options.

Downloading Logos

There are 3 versions of AWET’s logo, each available in spot colour or in black and white.

JPEG versions are displayed below. To download, select the required logo and right-click on the graphic. The actual image size will be bigger than shown here. You may need to resize the graphic using an appropriate software package, but you must maintain the horizontal and vertical proportions.

EPS versions can be downloaded for printed applications. All six are stored in a compressed archive.  Note that the nearest Pantone colour for the red in the logo is PMS485C.

 AWET Logos EPS Format