Do you wish to learn about wool and sheep? The University of New England offers campus or distance learning enrolments:

The Woolmark Company (Australian Wool Innovation) provides on-line courses and resources:

  • Woolmark Learning Centre , a thorough journey into wool, from fibre to fashion. At completion of the Wool Appreciation course you can gain your own Wool Appreciation Badge from Credly. This can be displayed on your own digital professional portfolio such as Linkedin!
  • Wool Introductory Course, 25-minute-high level marketing/educative piece.

Australian Correspondence School offers distance education by correspondence.


General Information

You may also like to visit these wool & sheep related web sites:

Sheep CRC Archive

Sheep CRC Archive 2001-2019

Sheep CRC on YouTube (The Sheep CRC’s short videos on all aspects of its wool innovation program).

Sheep Industry CRC Participants

The Sheep Industry CRC was wound up as of 30th June 2020.

Participating universities in the CRC for Sheep Industry Innovation were:

Other participants in the CRC for Sheep Industry Innovation were:

For Schools

Here are some links for schools that use this site. The “Environment” section is not directly about wool, but the schools and children who use these links are invited to explore Woolwise and learn about wool. Wool is a sustainable and environmentally friendly fibre. Wool is biodegradable. Wool has natural attributes that make it superior to man-made fibres.

Wool and Sheep
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