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Visitors to Woolwise sometimes request adding additional educational links to promote various interests, mostly about responsible management of our environment. In many cases these are school children working on projects. These links were formerly listed under the Information for Schools section of our Useful Links page under the Environment section. However, this listing is becoming larger and since it is not really about wool and sheep it has been relocated onto a separate page. However, the schools and children who use these links are invited to explore Woolwise and learn about wool, a natural and sustainable fibre.

Woolwise is an Australian based site.

Environmental management in Australia is an activity of Federal and State Government agencies.

Federal Department of Agriculture, Water and Environment
NSW Environment
NSW Planning, Industry and Environment
Department of Environment and Science Queensland
SA Department for Environment and Water
Department of Primary Industry, Parks, Water and Environment Tasmania
Department of Land, Water, Environment and Planning Victoria
Western Australian Department of Water and Environmental Regulation
Environment Western Australia

Environment related Links

Stuff for kids, their guardians and their teachers

Green Guide for Kids and Adults at Home
Kids Helping the Environment
Tips for Getting your Kids to save Energy (courtesy Heba A)
Handy Activities To Teach Your Kids About Environmental Issues (courtesy Katheryne Hylton)
Environmental Games For Kids (courtesy Mitchell Cruickshank)
Home Water Conservation Guide for Parents with Kids (courtesy Audrey Baker)
How to Be Environmentally Friendly in a Home With Kids (courtesy Mykael Ray)
How to Teach Children to use Technology in Environmentally Friendly Ways (courtesy Stephen Mash)
Classroom Management (courtesy Faye Reynolds)
Career Change Resume (courtesy Wendy)
Check your English grammar with grammica (courtesy Sarah Olivia)
Plagiarism Checker (courtesy Elizabeth Linda)


How to recycle anything (via Personal Creations)
The Process of Recycling Plastic Bottles (via Elaine & Ella Johnston)
Eco Friendly Car Recycling (via Carmen Adams)
What Can Be Recycled? Your Complete 2019 Recycling Guide (courtesy Daniel Je www.oneclass.com)
Home recycling guide (via Sarah Archer www.yourbestdigs.com)
Recycling Appliances (courtesy Tyler from the GreenTeensClub)
Electronic Waste Recycling Disposal (courtesy Garrett Perry)
Car Recycling (courtesy Alyssa Arnzen, Junk Car Medics)
Recycling E-Waste Responsibly (courtesy Piper Brown)
Top 20 Home Recycling Tips (courtesy Courtney McNally)
How Used Cooking Oils and Animal Fats are Recycled (courtesy Greg Levy)
Here’s How Battery Recycling Works and Why You Should Be Doing It (courtesy Marybeth Lumayag)
Glass Recycling 101; Jars, Glass Cups and Wind Bottles (courtesy Leah Garcia, USA)
13 Awesome Uses for Your Old Smart Phone (courtesy Jordan Carr)


The Sustainability Guide for College Students on a Budget (courtesy James Russell, Lucas and Scout Troup 325)
45 Sustainable Resources You Need to Know (courtesy Purdue University via Billy Adams)
How to Make Cars more Eco-Friendly and Sustainable (courtesy Noah Vosa)
A Guide to Sustainable Wearables (courtesy Piper Brown)
How to be Sustainable in College (courtesy Yvonne McQuarie)
Wool: a sustainable natural fibre (courtesy IWTO)
A Complete Guide to Going Green at Home in 2019 (courtesy Janeva Aaron from The Housewire)
Reducing your Digital Carbon Footprint (courtesy Mark Eisner)
Eco-Friendly Apps to Help You Reduce Your Carbon Footprint and Go Green (courtesy Annette Laurence)
The Eco-Friendly Guide for Airbnb Hosts (courtesy Hillary Chazen)
Sustainable Irrigation Methods for Farming (courtesy Katie)
Eco-friendly home improvements that make a difference (courtesy John Grant)
Moving Sustainably (courtesy Colton Gardner)
Guide to Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Travel (courtesy Maria Smith)

Energy Efficiency

A Guide for Energy Efficiency for Small Business (courtesy Hillary Chazen from FSG)
Award winning ideas to save energy at home (courtesy Steven Smith)
The Ultimate Home Energy Efficiency Guide (courtesy Hilary Chazen)
How To Choose Energy-Efficient Deck Lighting (courtesy Neal Langford)

Tips for disposing of waste

How much trash can one person generate in a year? (courtesy Natalie)
Kitchen Composting 101 (courtesy Nicole Fauver from Mint)
Creating the Best At-Home Composing System (courtesy Hermann Samano)
15 Eco Friendly Hacks to Eliminate Obnoxious Stains (courtesy Zachary Painter)
Mattress Disposal Guide (courtesy Andrew Warren)
Quick Guide on How to Dispose of a Mattress (courtesy Kathleen Gray)
14 Items to Never Put Down the Drain (courtesy Elsie Weisskoff)
How to Safely Manage Medical Waste (courtesy Penelope Smith)
Medical Waste Treatment and Disposal (courtesy Penelope Smith)

Preparing for natural emergencies

Hurricane (Cyclone) Safety Guide (courtesy Jon Molinsky)
How to Prepare for a Hurricane with Children and Babies: What to Pack
Flood Safety Preparedness Guide (Courtesy Heather Reiner)
Hurricane Guide What You Need to Know (courtesy Nancy Diaz)

Miscellaneous Links

Tool Buying Guide for Handyman (courtesy Adam Harris)
Sympathink: Explore, Learn and Get Things Done (courtesy Lisa Row)
The Complete Guide to Thrifting (courtesy Amelia Lat)
45 Green Business Ideas for Aspiring Entrepreneurs (courtesy Kayla Montgomery, Siegemedia)
Guide to Green Careers (courtesy Andrei Kurtuy)
Your One-Stop Resource for Getting Started with Telescopes & Astronomy (courtesy Brian Taylor)
E-Bike Guide for Beginners (courtesy Alvin Graham)
How to Create a Landing Page (Courtesy Anil Parmar)