METR-800 Wool Metrology in the Industrial Environment
The subject of Wool Metrology covers all aspects of wool measurement or metrology and its effect on the marketing of Australian wool. It introduces the concept of objective measurement and explains in detail the procedures and measurements involved to objectively specify the Australian clip. The value of measurement to the industry is outlined. This subject is closely linked to the subjects Wool Technology and Wool Marketing and should supplement many topics introduced in the Wool Production subject.
The implications of raw wool properties and their role in prediction from the view point of a commercial topmaker are considered.

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METR-800-100 Using Specifications
This topic outlines the implications of raw wool properties to a topmaker.
METR-800-100-100 The Implication of Raw Wool Properties to a Topmaker
This module outlines the implications of raw wool properties to a commercial top-maker, and as a consequence, to the customers of the top-maker. An example of how a particular raw wool property can affect a batch of tops is provided.
METR-800-200 Using Processing Prediction
The adoption of processing prediction in the commercial environment is discussed.
METR-800-200-100 Prediction in the Mill Environment
This module provides an insight into the adoption of prediction at G.H. Michell & Sons Pty. Ltd. This top-maker is based in South Australia, but supplies tops to the world made from Australian wool.