Woolwise.com provides open source access to most of the resources included on the site. This is in accord with its charter to provide access to sheep and wool educational resources to the general public for educational purposes. Links to resources on other sites must be identified if these are copied.

Three levels of access to this site are provided:

  • Visitor
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  • Educator

A Visitor is able to view the educational modules and their synopses, but cannot access any of the module documents. To access the actual resources they must register and thereafter logon to the site for every session. Access is subject to acceptance of the Terms of Use acknowledgement of AWET’s Privacy Policy.

Some topics cannot be viewed by Visitors, unless they register with the site. This limitation is applied so as to conform with the requirements of the site’s Copyright Licence with Australia’s Copyright Agency Limited.

A Member is a registered user and is only able to access PDF versions of the resources. Member access is provided for anyone who accepts the terms of use and registers on the site.

An Educator is a registered user wishing to utilise these resources as research and/or reference materials. An Educator can access MsWord versions of the resources as well as PDF versions. Educator access is provided to appropriate registrants by the site Administrator. If you wish to have Educator access you must be a teacher or academic.

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A CAPTCHA is included on the registration and log in forms to prevent spambots creating false entries.

The site uses two factor authorisation. When you log on an authorisation code will be sent to your email address. Enter this in the field provided.

Whilst this may seem inconvenient it is necessary to protect the site from hackers and spambots.