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As the title suggests, this CD ROM resource takes you on an interactive adventure into the world of science and agriculture. You will be guided by Igor, a young scientist-in-training, as he discovers what it means to be a scientist and explores how science can be used in real life.

Introduction to Science Adventures with Igor

Quick Start Guide

Download CD Label artwork

Download CD Cover Artwork

The CD has been designed to run on a Windows platform.The CD is contained within a compressed archive in ZIP format. Download and expand the file into a folder on your hard drive. The CD can be run within the folder by clicking on the file ‘sci_adv.exe‘ or by burning the entire contents of the folder onto a CD ROM and inserting the finished product in your DVD/CD drive on your computer. The presentation should begin automatically.

Download Science Adventures with Igor CD (as a zip file)

Alternatively you can download the CD in ISO format in a compressed archive and burn your own CD from this format. If you open the file on a Windows platform double click on ‘sci_adv.exe‘ . The CD will then play.

Science Adventures with Igor.iso (as a compressed archive)

If you do have a MAC with an appropriately configured Windows Virtual Machine then you can download the CD as a DMG formatted file or open it directly and click on ‘sci_adv.exe‘ . The CD will then play.

Science Adventures with Igor.dmg (as a compressed archive)

You will need flash player installed on your computer to view the CD.