TECH-300 Later Stage Processing
Wool Technology links production and metrology to processing. An overview of processing systems, Worsted and Woollen, is presented. The early stage processing of wool and the spinning process to yarn are covered in much detail with the principles, processes and machinery explained and examined. The utilisation of wool fibre in the world-wide textile industry is presented, including the development of new products, and other textile fibres that compete with wool are described. Fibre properties and their impact on processing and final products are also covered.
A brief overview of the later stage processes of fabric and garment manufacture is provided. The performance of blended fabrics is also examined.

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TECH-300-100 Later Stage Processes
A brief overview of the processes involved in fabric and garment manufacture is contained in this topic.
TECH-300-100-100 Later Stage Processing
This module examines the technology used to blend fibre throughout the processing pipeline. The rationale for blending is explained, and some of the latest blended wool products are featured. The processes of pre-scour blending and blending before spinning are explained.
TECH-300-200 Fibre Effects in Later Stage Processing
This topic looks at how the combination of fibre types affects the performance of the final product.
TECH-300-200-100 Performance of Wool Blend Fibre Fabrics
This module examines how the blend composition of fabrics affects their performance in the areas of aesthetics, wear properties, durability and garment performance. The major reference used for this module was published in 1963, but the ideas and principles outlined are just as relevant today.