AWET Provides 30 grants each year to selected students in their final year at a number of Australian Fashion Schools. The students are required to incorporate 80% wool into their final collections.

Curtin University in WA is one of the participating schools and receives 2 grants. Videos produced by this year’s graduating students are available for sharing.

Yin Yang, 2021
Designer – Xiaotong Li
Videography – Peter Hayes

This fashion collection uses the concept of Yin and Yang to integrate Eastern elements into Western structures to find a balance between traditional culture and modern trends. Yin and Yang is a simple and broad ancient Chinese philosophy. It is the endless darkness that makes people fear, and it is also the eternal light that makes people breathe. Anything in the world can be Yin and Yang, black and white, day and night, water and fire, reality and dreams, seemingly polarized individuals, each with its own power and mystery. Like the Yin and Yang symbol, the colours of black and white are both contradictory and complementary. The bipolar elements of ethnicity and fashion, beauty and purity, complexity and simplicity, rigidity and softness reach a new harmony under the interaction of Yin and Yang. Heaven and Earth constantly balance, endlessly, and finally constitute all things.

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Enduring Archetypes, 2021
Designer – Lily Cribb
Videography – Ashlee McVernon

Existing ideologies and cultural perceptions of fashion invite change. For centuries the formal suit and its accompanying elements have remained consistent European fashion artifacts acting as a vessel for social and political communication. Sustainable fashion, however, is established with natural, flowing and simplistic signifiers. These aren’t inherently undesirable qualities, but their association with current sustainable fashion archetypes encourages this perception of mundanity. The combination of sustainable fashion and formal wear in Enduring Archetypes is an attempt to catalyse a change in perception. Natural dyes and wool fibres are used to transform the suit into an object of excitement and necessity, ultimately creating a new sustainable fashion archetype which is environmentally and stylistically more enduring.

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The 2022 AAAS conference program is being thoughtfully prepared to entice innovation and blue-sky thinking, and to pull our knowledge and expertise together to make our science impactful to all animal industries. We are not only at the cutting edge of animal science, but we are also in a unique position to help shape the future direction of agricultural and ecological services.

Visit the event website.

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The Sheep Industry Leadership Program is an online program designed to help build leaders for the future.

This scholarship will support the development of leaders and emerging leaders across the sheep industry to:

• Develop your leadership skills and experience
• Make connections with other industry leaders
• Explore industry policy and strategic thinking
• Create your personal leadership development plan

For more information click this link.

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Congratulations to ex-student from Tocal College, Emma Pearson, Grenfell on achieving Second place and “Silver Stencil” in the 2022 AWEX/TAFE National Graduate Wool Classer Competition. This was held at the Sydney Royal Easter Show on Tuesday 12 April. The aim of the competition is to recognize excellence in wool classing and education and to lift wool classing’s profile as a profession and career opportunity. She was also was the winner of the DAS Campbell prize for the top NSW graduate. Well done Emma!

Emma was a Certificate IV in Ag student at Tocal in 2020 and originally from Armidale. She is no stranger to success being awarded a Bronze Medal for Excellence in the Course. She was also the successful purchaser of Trey, a working dog donated to the College by Ben Crowe of Glenfaba Kelpies and Stock Horses. Emma was among a group of students who helped get Trey, and other pups in the program, started. During her Tocal course Emma was awarded an AWET (Aust Wool Education Trust) Scholarship and a CB Alexander Foundation – Fire and Drought Exceptional Circumstance Bursary. We thank them for their support of Tocal students and are confident that their investment in Emma is a sound one!

The judges of this year’s competition were Mr. Andrew Mills, MacDonald & Co Wool Brokers, Ms Evelyn Archer, TAS TAFE and Ms Fiona Raleigh, AWEX. Andrew is also a Tocal graduate and current Alumni Executive.

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Emma Pearson receiving her AWET Scholarship
Emma Pearson with her dog,Trey.

AWEX Press Release

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The International Wool Textile Organisation (IWTO) has been marketing wool via its “Campaign for Wool “.

IWTO is certain that wool does matter.

Find out why:

Why Wool Matters

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AWI Flystrike resources

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The Trust supports the VET sector via 15 scholarships, valued at $3,000 each, being made available per year to students attending institutions in this sector.

Applications for these scholarships are made on behalf of the student(s) by the institution at which the student is enrolled.

This year’s recipients at the WA College of agriculture have been announced – Danielle Iles, Mitchel Baker and Tarkeyshia Exton.

Photo from left to right – Assistant Farm Manager Madison Corsini, Mitchel Baker, Tarkeyshia Exton, Danielle Iles, and Farm Manager Daniel de Beer

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Keep abreast of the International Wool Textile Organisation’s activities via the IWTO CHANNEL on YouTube.

From sheep to shop, IWTO represents the interests of the global wool trade.

IWTO also is the global authority for standards in the wool textile industry.

IWTO’s 33 members are based in 23 countries around the world, and represent all stages of the wool textile pipeline, from farm to retail. Through scientific research, wool textile education and knowledge sharing, IWTO ensures a sustainable future for wool.

More information from IWTO is available on its WEBSITE

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Biosecurity and traceability is a high priority for the Australian wool industry.

Australia has clearly defined emergency animal disease response plans and strong governance arrangements that ensure preparedness in the event of a biosecurity incursion. To be ‘world-leading’ implies constant improvement, and the Australian wool industry is actively investing to maintain the highest possible standards.

The Australian wool industry also has a comprehensive system for tracing wool back to where it was grown and harvested. While this meets our needs and the needs of our trading partners, efforts to enhance and future- proof our systems are underway.

Find out more

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The Trust produces a summary report of its activities each year. These reports are intended to advise the organisations responsible for the appointment of Trustees about the Trust’s activities during the calendar year. However, they are also available to the general public.

From 2003 to 2012 these are based on calendar years. From 2012/13 each report is for the financial year and includes the Report, Financial Statements and Auditors Report.

The 2020-21 report is now available.

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