THE UNDERGRADUATE students doing the wool science, production and marketing subjects through the Wool CRC now have ‘discussions’ with each other on the Internet. ‘This is a new and exciting way for the students to interact and to have lively and provocative debates on current subjects relevant to the wool industry’, said the Education Program’s Helen Daily. With some supervision to prevent all out interstate rivalry, the students conduct a running discussion on a topic given to them by one of the CRC coordinators (Brad Crook at University of New England, Janelle Hocking Edwards at University of Western Australia, Peter Auer at University of NSW or Helen Daily at University of Adelaide). The topics so far have included ‘How would you create more demand for wool?’, ‘Why would you use price risk management techniques?’, and ‘Design a new Marketing System for Australian wool’.

As one of the students remarked, ‘this is a great way to have a tutorial because you get to see things from the perspective of other environments and production systems’.

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