Survey study to determine the impact of the level of knowledge and understandings of sheep health issues and services provided to the sheep farming community in Tasmania

Vasylenko, Kara
University of Sydney


The aim of this study was to understand producer perceptions and management practices utilised by sheep farmers within Tasmanian sheep producing industries and the subsequent impact on sheep health and disease prevalence on a flock level. A survey questionnaire was designed and online and postal surveys were collected which provided analysis of 16 farms regarding diseases prevalent, producer perceptions, mortality incidences and management practices utilised. Internal parasites, external parasites, and lameness were the diseases most affecting the respondents farms, with highest mortalities being reported in lambs. Veterinary assistance was indicated to be rarely accessed by sheep farmers and more online and alternative resources regarding correct vaccination schedules, parasite management and nutrition were found to be important to the farmers. A limiting factor encountered within this study was the limited responses received during the study period. Recommendations for further research undertaken include effectively distributing the questionnaire-based survey to a wider population of producers preferably in person in order to gain firsthand visualisation of the farm and verify survey responses through direct observation.

A thesis was not submitted for this project.