Understanding the management choices sheep producers make and how to they prefer to be engaged and receive information

Alam, Lauren
University of Sydney


This is a summary extracted from the application. A copy of the student’s Abstract/Thesis has not been received.

This project is expected to highlight which vaccines are being commonly used on NSW sheep properties and whether they are being used in accordance with manufacturers recommendations. This is hoped to allow a better understanding of why some preventable diseases are still seen on sheep properties, what common vaccination errors are occurring, what concerns farmers have around vaccination and how farmers can be better engaged around vaccination. This project’s aim is to determine the causes of preventable diseases in sheep still arising on sheep properties the ascertaining the extent and quality of farmer engagement with vaccination education and administration, and any other potential concerns. By doing this, the project hopes to adapt educational material and delivery to improve sheep management in the long term.

The study involves the creation and circulation of an online survey to sheep properties around NSW. A range of quantitative and qualitative data will be gathered and analysed. through the answers to these surveys, to determine which vaccines are being commonly used on NSW sheep properties, compliance with regulatory protocols and recommendations, and the factors influencing the decision making of vaccine administration. This data will be displayed through data visualisation and tabulation, which will be relied upon for conclusions and recommendations to be made. This survey will be submitted electronically to potential participants, with the aim to reach 50-75 responses to ensure a broad range of data. In seeking participants for my survey, I intend to contact sheep breeding and industry groups and see if they are able to assist me in its distribution.