Support for Wool Education

The Trust provides funding in the following areas:

  1. Delivery of Sheep and Wool Education Modules
  2. Undergraduate Scholarships
  3. Support to Universities
  4. Small Initiative Grants
  5. VET Sector Scholarships
  6. Grants for Fashion Students
  7. Marcus Oldham College – Alistair Mackenzie Scholarship

Delivery of Sheep and Wool Education Modules:

Initially, by investing in the Sheep CRC’s education programmes, the Trust facilitated the development of a comprehensive range of sheep and wool education modules which are now available at the University of New England (UNE) and also, via its long distance learning initiatives, to students in other institutes. Other industry sectors such as Meat and Livestock Australia, funded a complimentary range of sheep and sheep meat production modules.

At the end of the Sheep CRC the ownership of these modules was transferred to the Trust. The Trust in turn licenced UNE to deliver and manage this IP.

To facilitate this funds are allocated to UNE by the Trust. This is the largest single funding arrangement made by the Trust.

Support to Universities:

To support enrolments in these units, the Trust allocates funds to non-UNE Universities to offset any loss of income arising from their students enrolling externally in units delivered by UNE.  As of 2008 these funds have been distributed directly to the Universities by the Trust.

Small Initiative Grants

These grants are available to academics who have an innovative idea regarding education but need some seed funding to develop and deliver the idea.

Undergraduate Scholarships

To encourage enrolments in the modules being offered by UNE, the Trust co-funds a number of under-graduate scholarships for students across Australia who wish to undertake sheep and wool education training.

Each scholarship is valued at $6000 and they are generally offered to students in the second or third year of their degree.

Other co-funders include industry companies and industry organisations.

The number of scholarships offered each year depends on the total funds available.

Applications for these scholarships are made through the University of New England.

No scholarships have been offered for 2022.

AWET Undergraduate Project and Masters by Coursework Scholarships

The Trust supports 15 Undergraduate Project Scholarships per year (available to suitable applicants from any University), each of which is valued at $7,000 – with $3500 being allocated to the student and the balance to the University to fund its support for the student.

The University and the student may negotiate how these funds will be split and, consequently the split of the funds must be specified in the application.

These scholarships are available to Honours or other appropriate undergraduate students undertaking a one year research project relevant to sheep and wool. This relevance is the most significant criterion considered by the selection panel in assessing applications

Students planning appropriate Masters by Coursework studies can also apply for these scholarships.

Applications for 2023 scholarships close on Friday 24th November 2023.

Applicants must download the following 3 documents:

Scholarship Application Instructions

Scholarship Application Form

Academic Referee’s Assessment

Applications for these scholarships must be made directly to the Trust and must be supported by an academic referee from the University at which the student is enrolled or intends to enrol.

VET Sector

The Trust supports the VET sector via 15 scholarships, valued at $3,000 each, being made available per year to students attending institutions in this sector.

Applications for these scholarships are made on behalf of the student(s) by the institution at which the student is enrolled.

Dr Alastair Mackenzie Scholarship

The Trust provides funding of $10,000 per annum to support the Alastair Mackenzie Scholarship at Marcus Oldham College in Victoria.

Applications for this scholarship must be made through Marcus Oldham College.

Fashion Schools

The Trust is currently providing grants to final year Fashion Students to assist them to purchase wool fabrics for their final year collections. Twenty-five grants are available, valued at $1500 for a final year student in a 3-year degree or $2000 for a final year student in a 4-year degree.

The students are selected by the Fashion Institute in which they are enrolled.