• By Peter Sommerville
  • 20th July 2018
  • Category: News

This has been a busy week.


Trustees met with representatives of a number of Universities delivering wool and sheep education. The Trust has been a major financier of the hub and spoke model, wherein UNE provides the hub, and other “spoke” Universities enable their students to engage with the sheep and wool modules offered by UNE.

The good news is that UNE has decided to place Dr Emma Doyle on permanent tenure. Emma was employed by UNE in 2007 in a non-tenured position, funded by AWET. She will now take total responsibility for co-ordinating delivery of AWET’s modules by UNE. In making this decision UNE is demonstrating its continued commitment to sheep and wool education.

AWI was represented at the meeting by Ms Julie Davies who provided all present with an update of education programs AWI is developing, some also co-funded by AWET.

Fashion Schools

We also met with a number of representatives of Australia’s Fashion Schools. AWET has been providing a number of grants for students in these schools to create final year designs strongly based on wool.

AWI was also represented at this meeting by Ms Kelly McAvoy who outlined a number of exciting programs to incentivise fashion school students, here and throughout the world, to increase their involvement with and commitment to wool.

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