• By Peter Sommerville
  • 19th August 2020
  • Category: News

What is the best way to implement research findings in your flock?

AWI Change Makers is a new initiative which aims to assist woolgrowers in answering this question. With limited face-to-face woolgrower engagement opportunities throughout much of 2020, we will be bringing this to you online.

The first instalment of AWI Change Makers is now released, the ten-part short video series is centred around sheep reproduction topics, from ram health to preparing and managing ewes for joining, pregnancy and lambing and through to weaning management.

Leading livestock consultant, Nathan Scott of Achieve Ag Solutions, Victoria, is recording the AWI Change Makers series from home and will provide you with timely, technical management tips.

Nathan is keen to see the launch of the series which focuses on outcomes growers can use on-farm now.

“It is a great new initiative from AWI to provide research outcomes to growers in a really quick and accessible format. The lack of opportunities for producers to get together and engage with industry at the moment is a real challenge. The AWI Change Makers series is designed to start conversations for producers as we bring them information and help them identify opportunities for change.”

To find the videos when released, go online to www.wool.com/awichangemakers or give AWI a follow on our social media platforms below to ensure you stay up-to-date as we demonstrate a range of practical ways growers can influence sheep reproduction with the latest research and tools informed by AWI-funded research, development and extension outcomes.

To follow AWI’s social media go to Facebook @AustralianWoolInnovation, Twitter @woolinnovation and Instagram @beyondthebale.

Reproduced from feedback@wool.com, Wednesday 19th August, 2020.

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