• By Peter Sommerville
  • 22nd August 2022
  • Category: News

This series of videos outlines the process of sampling, testing and certification of wool growers’ classed lots before sale either at auction or directly to dealers or processors. The videos were produced b the University of New England utilising funding provided by AWET via a Small Initiatives Grant. Production was overseen and the narration provided by Dr Emma Doyle.


Sample Receival and Sub-sampling

Scouring and Drying

Vegetable Matter Contamination

Residual Grease and Ash

Primary Methods

Secondary Method – NIR

Fibre Fineness

Staple Length, Strength and Position of Break

The Australian Wool Testing Authority Ltd has produced a brochure, Testing the Wool Clip, which provides a comprehensive overview of its wool testing and certification services. This publication is a little dated as AWTA Ltd’s Sydney Laboratory has been closed and the brochure does not cover the introduction of NIR for determination of residual grease and dirt. Furthermore AWTA Ltd Certificates are now distributed as PDF files with printed documents on certificate stationary provided upon request.

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