• By Kerry Hansford
  • 9th April 2024
  • Category: News

AWET offered grants to attend to attend the International Wool Textile Organisation conference to be held in Adelaide in 2024.  This presents an ideal opportunity for AWET scholars to access global experts from
the wool textile pipeline, to gain an understanding of their future role within the industry and to showcase their work to a professional audience. The Grant provides funding to cover travel, accommodation and registration.

The criteria for selection were:

a) open to all current and recent (2021-2023) AWET scholarship students, and

b) must be able to present some of their AWET sponsored research work at the Congress.

AWET is pleased to announce that Woon Ling Chew (Victoria) was awarded an AWET scholarship to attend IWTO.  Victoria received an Undergraduate Project Scholarship in 2021 for her Project “Creating an index to identify gastrointestinal nematodes (GIN) resistance in sheep”, which was jointly supervised by Professor Michael Stear from La Trobe University and Dr Sarah Preston at Federation University.  Additionally, AWET funded her attendance at the Australian Society for Parasitology conference in Cairns 2022.

Victoria will make a poster presentation of her work at the conference.

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