As announced in the last issue of The Wool Press, the Wool CRC will host a day devoted to wool at the AAAP-ASAP Conference in Sydney in July 2000. Registration details for this one-day program are available from the web site for the AAAP–ASAP (Australian Society of Animal Production/ Asian-Australasian Association of Animal Production) at:
Registration fee is $150 and $60 for students.

Quality wool production and the CRC forPremium Quality Wool 1993-2000

Time Titles Chairs/
0945 – 1030 Finer wool

Accelerated gains for finer wool and higher fleece weight

Going finer in traditionally non-fine areas

Processing implications ofresearch outcomes

I Purvis

Dr A Swan

Dr K Atkins

Dr P Lamb

1030 – 1100 Morning tea
1100 – 1145 Staple strength

Biology of staple strength

Potential for growers to improve staple strength

Relationships to processing results

Dr N Adams

Dr A Schlink

Dr A Peterson

Dr C Oldham

1145 – 1245 Biotechnology

Cloning of sheep: why and how

Transgenic wool: objectives and approaches for alteringwool properties

Discovering quality related genes

Public attitudes to genetic engineering

Prof G Rogers

Dr T Peura

Dr S Bawden

Dr I Franklin

Dr K Ward

1245 – 1400 Lunch
1400 – 1445 Education and Technology Transfer

The Evolution of education and training for the wool industry

Development of a web-based wool education resource database

Extension in the wool industry: what works, what dosen’t, and how do we measure it?

Prof P Hynd

Dr P Cregan

Prof P Hynd

Dr S Williams


1445 – 1530 Posters
1530 – 1600 Afternoon tea
1600 – 1645 Posters
1645 – 1725 Question time
Prof L Piper


1725 – 1730 Concluding remarks Dr L Ward

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