Program 4

Education Innovation

The Education Program was managed by Professor Phil Hynd of University of Adelaide. The group comprised Dr Brad Crook from the University of New England, Dr Peter Auer and Mrs Lorraine Osborne from the University of New South Wales, Dr Janelle Hocking Edwards from the University of WA and Miss Helen Daily from the University of Adelaide.


The Wool CRC Education Program pioneered video-conference lecturing as a medium for nationwide undergraduate teaching, and has now taken the lead in developing a comprehensive internet database for wool educators.

The AWTA Ltd Wool Education Trust funded the development. Mr David Ward, the Secretary of the Trustees believed it is vital that the wool industry continues to be supplied with high-quality graduates at all levels of the education spectrum. The AWTA Ltd Education Trust has committed these funds to ensure the long-term sustainability of the innovative wool science program that has already been developed.

For the first time all people engaged in wool education in Australia will have access to comprehensive, high-quality and up-to-date material at their fingertips!