• By Peter Sommerville
  • 1st July 2017
  • Category: News

Improved access to CRC for Premium Quality Wool Resources.

The Australian Wool Education Trust holds in trust the educational resources created by the CRC for Premium Quality Wool during its activities from 1993-2000. This resource collection consists of some 2500 high quality Microsoft Powerpoint slides prepared and edited by leading Australian wool educators, researchers, and industry personnel. Each slide is accompanied by explanatory notes and references to allow users to extract personalised information modules.

The educational resources are organised into Subjects, Themes, Topics and Modules. The Modules are MSPowerpoint files with some associated notes.

Until now these resources were only available as compressed archives for each subject i.e.

  • Wool Biology
  • Wool Metrology
  • Wool Marketing
  • Wool Production
  • Wool Technology

These are still available. However, it is now possible to drill down to the topic level within each theme for each subject and download all the modules for a topic as a compressed archive.

Each page is organised in the same way. The heading includes the Subject followed by the Theme. The first paragraph is a brief overview of the Subject. The next paragraph outlines the Theme. Each Topic has an individual heading under which are listed the Modules included within that Topic, together with a brief overview of the topic and each module within the topic. Links to the individual archives of the modules for each topic are provided. This will enable users to more rapidly access the material that specifically interests them.

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