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  • 24th April 2018
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2018 Wool training workshops

A series of wool training workshops will be conducted at Deakin University in May 2018 on behalf of the Australian Wool Education Trust (AWET). The workshops will be delivered at the Institute for Frontier Materials (IFM) at the University’s Geelong–Waurn Ponds Campus, with classes delivered by experts in the various fields. All teaching materials have been developed by Australian Wool Innovation.

The workshops are designed for people working in textile manufacturing to improve their theory skills in wool processing.

Each subject will be delivered in an intensive format of eight hours per day over either one or two days. A formal assessment will be carried out on completion of the workshop.

Subject descriptions

Wool fibre science

This six-hour unit gives a strong overview of the wool fibre. It concentrates on the structure, physics, chemistry, setting and felting of wool. It is a prerequisite for all of the other units offered in this training.

The scouring of raw wool

This two-day unit will cover the opening and scouring of wool fibre. Topics include the preparation of wool for scouring, scouring processes, carbonisation, grease recovery, testing procedures and effluent treatment.

Worsted top-making

This two-day unit looks at the preparation of wool fibres for both worsted and woollen spinning. Topics include fibre opening, blending, worsted carding, carding, drawing, combing and roving. The subject also covers quality assurance of top, TEAM equations and top treatments.

Worsted and woollen spinning

This one-day unit examines the spinning of wool on both the worsted and woollen spinning systems. The unit covers preparation of fibres for preparation  of fibres for spinning, woollen carding, worsted spinning, woollen ring spinning, variations and alterations to ring spinning and post-spinning operations. It is recommended that the Worsted top making unit is taken in conjunction with this unit.

The dyeing of wool

This two-day unit covers the dyeing processes of wool. It looks at the way dye interacts with the wool fibre, preparation and dyeing methods for wool and wool blends, equipment used for dyeing, side effects, the dye house laboratory and environmental concerns.

Wool fabric finishing

This two-day unit covers the fabric finishing of wool fabrics. It discusses dry, wet and chemical finishing, typical finishing paths, analysis techniques, faults, performance standards and environmental concerns.

Workshop details


 Course Title


 1st May 2018  Wool fibre science  Dr Chris Hurren
 2nd May 2018  The scouring of raw wool  Dr Jock Christoe
 8th May 2018  Worsted top-making  Mr Gary Robinson
 10th May 2018  Worsted and woollen spinning  Mr Gary Robinson
 15th May 2018  The dyeing of wool  Dr Rex Brady
 17th May 2018  Wool fabric finishing  Dr Rex Brady



Register at Eventbrite using the links above. For questions relating to the workshop please email Chris Hurren (christopher.hurren@deakin.edu.au). The cost of the workshops is $55/workshop. This includes the cost of a printed manual.

Download a copy of the brochure.

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