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  AWET Annual Report 2015/16

Mr David Ward has retired as Chairman and Trustee for the Australian Wool Education Trust, effective 1st December 2016.

The AWTA Ltd Board has nominated Mr Gordon Dickinson as the replacement Trustee for David, effective 1st December, 2016.

At their meeting on 26th October, 2016 the Trustees appointed Mr Brian van Rooyen as Chairman, effective 1st December, 2016.

The Trustees moved a vote of thanks for David’s contribution to the Trust over his 19 years of service as a founding Trustee and Chairman. David initiated and was responsible for the formation of the Trust by his recommendation for AWTA Ltd to commit $3.0 million of unappropriated profit to ensure the availability of tertiary sheep & wool education in Australia.

Furthermore, David was instrumental in encouraging AWI’s decision to contribute $4.0 million to the Trust. As Chairman he provided effective leadership of the activities of the Trust.

I am sure you will join with me and the other Trustees to thank him for his commitment and contribution to the Trust and to Sheep & Wool Education in Australia.


AWET's 2015/16 Annual Report is available.

Applications for Scholarships for 2017

  2017 Marcus Oldham Scholarships


Undergraduate Scholarships for 2017:

Applications for these scholarships close on Friday 28th October, 2016.

How to apply

AWET Undergraduate Project Scholarships for 2017:

Applications close on Friday 25th November 2016

How to Apply

Download Application Form

Download Academic Referee's form



Marcus Oldham College, in Geelong, is calling for applications for a range of agricultural scholarships.

For applicants interested in a career in the Sheep and Wool industry the appropriate scholarship is the Alastair Mackenzie Scholarship, valued at $15000.

AWET ($10000) and WISS ($5000) co-sponsor this scholarship.

Download the scholarships brochure for 2017.


Class of 2016 Tocal Students Awarded AWET Scholarships   Fashion Design Student Grants

Tocal 2015 Students

Australian Wool Education Trust (AWET) Awards being presented by Mr Peter Sommerville (Trust Secretary) to Ms Kee-Anna Patton, Browns Plains, Qld; Ms Amelia Muscio, Glenthorne and Ms Clare Pletkan, Penrith, students at Tocal College, NSW.

Each VET scholarship is for a period of one year and is valued at $3000.




Commencing in 2016 the Australian Wool Education Trust will fund a pilot project for Fashion Design Students. This project will provide funding for students to purchase wool fabrics for their final year collections.

For the pilot project the criteria for administering and directing the grants are:

  1. AWET will support a fixed number of grants for Fashion Design Institute students to a maximum cost of $50,000 per annum.
  2. The grants will be available to final year students from 3 and/or 4-year Degrees.
  3. The quantum will be fixed at $1,500 for a final year student in a 3-year degree and $2,000 for a final year student in a 4-year degree.
  4. The scholarships are intended to assist successful candidates in sourcing and purchasing wool fabric for inclusion in their final year looks/outfits/ranges.
  5. Each grant is contingent on having 80% wool content in the base fabric.
  6. AWET will decide how many grants are to be available for each Institute, using enrolment numbers as a basis, and it will not be involved in administration.
  7. Each Institute will be responsible for advertising the grants and selecting candidates, based on the following criteria:
    • academic achievement or other related performance measures used by the institute;
    • commitment to producing a final year range incorporating the minimum percentage of wool required, with other fibres able to be used in conjunction with the wool component, within garments and/or in separate garments; and
    • the names and contact details being sent to AWET, as soon as possible after selection of successful candidates.
  8. Once completed, each Institute will arrange for AWET to receive a digitised version of their students’ designs/story boards, together with a description of the selected fabrics, plus an invoice for the total grants awarded.
  9. AWET will pay the funds to each Institute for distribution to their candidates.
  10. Upon completion of their looks/outfits, students will send digital images to AWET that may be published on AWET’s website and shared with AWI.

Initially 25 grants will be provided for 2016, allocated to RMIT, Whitehouse Design, UTS, QUT, TAFE SA and Curtin University.


AWET Annual Reports   Australian Wool Retailer Toolkit

The Trust produces a summary report of its activities each year. These reports are intended to advise the organisations responsible for the appointment of Trustees about the Trust's activities during the calendar year. Copies of these can be downloaded using the links below. From 2003 to 2012 these are based on calendar years. From 2012/13 each report is for the financial year and includes the Report, Financial Statements and Auditors Report.

2003 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2012/13 2013/14 2014/15 2015/16


Australian Wool Innovation (AWI) has produced a simple but effective on-line resource for training retail staff about the benefits and advantages of wool.

Links to this and other AWI resources have also been added to the Educational Resources section of this website


Honours Scholarship Winners for 2017   Wool Profits from Students Research


Amy Bowden
Chad Averill
Lydia Inglis


Alexander Clancy
Alyssa Woodland
Anna Cooper
Augustus Jacobs
Bethan Arthur
Kiri Farmer
Max Lloyd
Nicole Newsome (Masters by Coursework)
Philippa Bruce


Heather Earney
Sarah Duffield


Hediyeh Tahghighi (Masters by Coursework)

The winners of AWET scholarship are asked to provide the Trust with a copy of their theses or an abstract. The abstracts of the 2015 students' theses can be dowanloaded via the following links.

Abstracts/Theses -2016 Students (not yet available)

Zoe Lynch
Kenneth Ross Graham
Simone ParisellaAnabelle Ottery
Danielle Shirley
Edward Murphy
Gabrielle Ryan
James Nield
Max Edwards
Rachel Tulloch
Sarah Baker

Abstracts/Theses - 2015 Students

Ben Noble
Emily Onizawa
Emily Sears
Emma Tumeth
Greg Sawyer
Hayley Clifford
James Bishop
Jessica Monk
Maddison Corlett
Sydney Fowler
Wen Jun Wong

Full listing (includes more detailed documents, such as theses, when supplied)



AgInfocus cover

Click to download

This article describes the activities of four students awarded Undergraduate Project Scholarships by AWET for 2012. The four young women involved, Cloe Bairstow, Courtney Fewster, Jasmin Koric and Cara Allan are all students at the Murdoch University.

Download Press Release

Download Farm Weekly Article

They were supervised by Dr Andrew Thompson and Dr Mark Ferguson.

The Trust supports up to 15 Undergraduate Project Scholarships per year (available to suitable applicants from any University), each of which is valued at $6,000 - with $3000 being allocated to the student and the balance to the University to fund its support for the student. The split can be varied by mutual agreement. These scholarships are available to Honours or other appropriate undergraduate students undertaking a one year research project relevant to sheep and wool.


About the Australian Wool Education Trust

The Australian Wool Education Trust was established in 1998 by the Australian Wool Testing Authority Ltd.

The Trust is administered by 8 Trustees, 3 appointed by AWTA Ltd, 3 appointed by Australian Wool Innovation (AWI) and 2 by the Federation of Australian Wool Organisations (FAWO).

The Trust is an independent body, with policy being fully determined by the Trustees, without influence from AWTA Ltd, FAWO and/or AWI.

This website provides access to resource material developed since 2005 using funding provided by the Australian Wool Education trust. It is also a repository for educational material developed by the Premium Quality Wool Co-operative Research Centre (CRC), which commenced in 1993 and wound up its activities in 2000, and for the Wool and Sheep Industry CRC, which commenced in 2001 and wound up in 2008.

Woolwise was originally developed, using funding provided by the then AWTA Ltd Wool Education Trust, to provide an online presence for the Premium Quality Wool CRC while it was operating, but also to provide access to the educational material produced by the CRC.

When the CRC terminated the site ownership reverted to the Australian Wool Education Trust

The original website developed by the CRC for Premium Quality Wool has been retained within the current site in order to preserve the history of Woolwise and to acknowledge the people responsible for its creation.

The core parties of the Sheep CRC transferred ownership of the educational IP produced by the CRC to AWET in 2008. These materials are now available from AWET via Woolwise subject to specific conditions of use. As a result of this transfer the educational material provided on Woolwise extends beyond wool production, processing and marketing to include other aspects of the sheep industry. such as sheep meat production, genetics and sustainable land management.

The Trust has licenced this educational IP to the University of New England (UNE). It is the basis of a number of wool and sheep units delivered by UNE. This arrangement is unique for agricultural education in Australia. The courses are offered in external mode to students enrolled in UNE and other Universities within Australia. This "hub and spoke" model for education about wool and sheep recognises that it is difficult for any one University to maintain sufficient student numbers to justify such specialised courses within their Agricultural Science Degrees.

To facilitate the delivery of these units the Trust provides funds to:

  • Support a Wool Lectureship at UNE
  • Provide scholarships at the undergraduate and 4th year level
  • Subsidise the cost of travel incurred by external students attending workshops at UNE
  • Compensate external Universities for any loss of revenue as a consequence of their students enrolling in the wool courses delivered by UNE

Other Activities of the Australian Wool Education Trust

In addition to managing the resources developed by both CRC's the Trust provides funding for a range of activities such as:

  • Education programs for wool industry participants;
  • Development of education programs about the Australian Wool Industry within primary and secondary schools; and
  • Scholarships for students undergoing wool education within the VET sector.



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